Hey there! I'm a software developer inspired by a quote often attributed to Albert Einstein: "The greatest scientists are always artists as well." For me, the art in science lies in the way technology can be used to enhance human connection and interaction, rather than replace it. I'm here to create software that reflect the same creativity and ingenuity that drew me to the arts in the first place.



An interactive platform that will teach music theory lessons to users with the ability to connect a MIDI piano to the browser. The platform will provide users with an intuitive way to learn the basics of music theory while having fun creating and experimenting with music.

Line Art Portfolio

You're looking at it right now! scroll to see the background drawings come together


A simple weather app that provides you with the latest weather information and 5 days of forecast in your area.

Inspirational Board

Users can post notes, quotes, and messages of inspiration, and others can interact with and respond to them in real-time.



At Ada Developers Academy, I gained a strong foundation in web development, including proficiency in React, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and learned Object-Oriented Programming principles to write more modular and scalable code. I also gained experience with back-end development using Python, Flask, and PostgreSQL, allowing me to build full-stack applications with RESTful architecture.

As an apprentice at Redfin, I built on my existing skills and learned new ones by successfully implementing changes and released feature for a high-traffic page utilizing React, Redux, TypeScript, and responsive design. I used Jest to write unit tests to ensure reliable and bug-free code and worked with JAVA to resolve tickets. Through these experiences, I have developed a wide range of technical skills and the ability to work effectively in a fast-paced, collaborative environment using agile methodologies while collaborating with designers, product managers, and engineers.

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